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The Silcskin Décolleté, Facial and Collette Pads are re-usable, 100% medical grade silicone pads designed to prevent and repair the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the décolleté and facial area. The pads are not transdermal and therefore do not impart any silicone into the skin.
The pads are manufactured from 100% medical grade silicone. They are made according to very exacting specifications and have been tested thoroughly to ensure there are no side effects that may occur as a result of using the pads. There are cheap copies of the Silcskin brand of pads in the marketplace that cause concern. These can, amongst other things, contain urethanes, fillers, latex, glues and peroxides that can adversely affect the skin by causing allergic reactions and skin irritations. They also have a noticeably reduced life to authentic Silcskin products - a definite sign of a poor-quality copy.
This depends on the frequency of use and how they are cared for. The pads have been designed to last 30-60 days. The larger the piece of silicone, the longer the life as the outside edge is the area that first loses its adhesive. We would generally replace our moisturiser every 4-6 weeks and have found the same loose timeframe applies to our Silcskin pads.
We recommend our Silcskin Cleanser that has been designed to clean both the skin in preparation for the application of your pads, and the surface of the pads themselves to prevent a build-up of dead skin cells, oils and atmospheric ingress. Should you choose to wash your Silcskin pads with other products, it is imperative that the cleaner contains NO MOISTURISERS as these will break down the silicone and the pads will not last - plus, your warranty will also be voided. Your pads need to be washed approximately once a week in order to remove surface grime and ensure they last as long as they should. You must ensure your skin is clean prior to applying your pad as moisturisers and embedded oils can break down the silicone and render them ineffective.
When not using your pads, place them face down on the plastic backing tray that comes inside your pack. Alternatively, you can pop them sticky side up in a Tupperware (or similar) container with a lid on. Storing them correctly will prevent the pads attracting atmospheric ingress whilst they are not in use.
For maximum efficacy, the pads must be applied to clean, dry skin. No moisturisers, oils, sunscreens etc. should be applied prior to using the pads, as these can compromise the integrity of the silicone and reduce the longevity of the product. Our multi-purpose cleanser has been designed to prepare the skin for application and to clean the surface of the pads to ensure you get the longest life possible. The pads are typically worn to bed, particularly the Decollete Pad as chest wrinkles are commonly formed from lying on our side at night and this product physically prevents the skin from creasing together. This is not to say you can't wear them during the day - you absolutely can, and they're often used to improve the texture of the skin a couple of hours before going to a function.
The pads are typically worn at bedtime, especially as they physically prevent the skin from creasing together when you are lying on your side. However, any Silcskin pad can also be worn any tie of the day to improve the texture of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you are prone to night sweats and / or are going through menopause, select times to wear your pads when you are less likely to sweat, as they are unable to adhere to perspiration.
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