The lovely @miss_sueky tried one of our Silcskin Collette (neck) pads to repair a deep sleep line that has bothered her for some time, and these are her results after 3 nights. She was rapt which means we were rapt See the full post on instagram  @miss_sueky …Read More

Inventor of the Original silicone anti-wrinkle Pads

Wow – this article! “Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Modern Beauty Industry” (link below).  Authority Magazine interviews the amazing inventor of our Silcskin silicone anti-wrinkle patches & 2 x Emmy winning Hollywood makeup artist, Camille Calvet. She is some inspiration this lady. Camille invented the first ever ORIGINAL silicone anti-wrinkle decollete …Read More

Hello there! It’s been a while since we last posted cleaning instructions and since then, there’s been some changes. We refer in the main to the Cleanser which Silcskin introduced to the market some time ago and which many of you have since purchased.  We love the stuff – and use it as a general …Read More

Hi Precious Pies, hope this Saturday is deliciously decadent with well earned breaks all round. Its been all go around here with early morning kids soccer prep, washing done before it rains – again; dogs walked – check, a few other chores and soon off to my gorgeous in-laws for lunch – LG:)! We wanted …Read More

Hi everyone, well it’s been all go around the office with lots of new stockists joining us (follow the link to find someone near you ) as a result of the Sydney Beauty Expo and loads of enquiries in general due to the warmer temps – oh thank god for the warmer temps:)!. We thought …Read More

Hello my lovelies. We wanted to share the latest reviews on Skinvigor8’s incredible Silcskin pads – delighted:). Peninsula Living Pittwater has rated our incredible Silcskin Pads as Number 1 of their Top Ten beauty products – how fantastic is that!!!…/peninsula-living-pittwater-…/ Livia (a gorgeous blogger of all the latest beauty, hair & skincare products) …Read More

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