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Our Silcskin Neck (Collette) Pads are designed to wrap around the neck and cover wrinkling caused by exposure to the elements, gravity and ageing.

They can be worn either underneath the chin or on different levels of the neck – wherever neck wrinkles appear.  Our 100% medical grade silicone pads adhere extremely well to the skin and the pads have been designed to stay firmly in place.  They are a skin care time saver as they are typically worn at night while you sleep, although they can be worn during the day if you prefer.  They last substantially longer than similar copy products, which also saves you money.

You deserve to look younger. Our 100% medical grade silicone pads repair and prevent wrinkles while you sleep!


Skinvigor8’s Silcskin Collette Neck Pads are designed to treat neck wrinkles caused by sun damage, sleeping with the face and neck compressed, ageing and gravity.  As we are constantly moving our heads throughout the day, neck creases will only deepen over time.

The Silcskin Collette Pads contour to the neck and prevent and repair neck lines while you sleep.  These anti-wrinkle silicone pads combat ageing skin by hydrating and plumping out the surface, as well as preventing the skin from creasing together.  The results are noticeable after 1-2 nights and are cumulative over time.

Silcskin has designed their Neck Pads to suit all neck types.  If you find they are too long, simply snip some silicone off each end and use this for any other areas you have wrinkles such as the eyes, mouth or chin – the options are endless!  Crepey skin on the neck is repaired due to the silicone pads drawing moisture from the body to the surface of the skin.  They also improve blood flow and smooth out the irregular collagen structure of the skin.

The Silcskin Pads were included in the 2016 & 2017 Oscars Goodie Bags and have been endorsed by Hollywood’s Diana Riva who has starred in, amongst many other things, ‘What Women Want’, ‘Short Term 12′ and ’17 Again’.  Patricia Arquette is also a huge fan of Silcskin!



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These products are amazing. First off, I had discussed using these products with a Plastic Surgeon & she encouraged me to purchase due to proven effectiveness of silicone pads. My personal s are neck & décolletage. My neck has that horrid ‘neck wattle’ (phrase made famous in the show Ally McBeal) & as I’m a side sleeper, my chest has started getting those horrid creases which to me scream ‘old’! So, after much research I looked to Skinvigor8. I mean if it’s good enough for Hollywood actresses, then it’s good enough for this Sheila. 😂 So I messaged the Skinvigor8 team & got a prompt and personal response to my skin concerns & was so convinced I’d love the products, I brought 2 of the neck & décolletage pads. I also got some eye pads too. These products were shipped from WA, Australia & I received them 2 days later on the other side of the country in a rural town - and during a pandemic! 👍👊👏 The products come with easy ‘how to use’ & ‘how to care for’ instructions & that night I went to sleep with all 3 silicon pads on. The next morning, I discovered that the pads had remained perfectly in the spot I had placed them & I then removed them gently for results. WOW!!! Outstanding! I’m just thrilled. After only 1 night my neck wattle is almost gone. My décolletage is smooth with no creases & the skin around my eyes is smooth too. It’s only been 1 night! 🎉👏 As I’m typing this I actually have the neck pad on as I’ve noticed my neck gets those creases & ‘neck wattle’ when I’m looking down at my phone or reading a book. So the verdict! I’m in love! These pads may actually save me money by not having to get any big beauty treatments (Lipo, Fillers, Injectables in general, PRP Factor IV). Right now I can not imagine not having these pads in my life. Thanks Skinvigor8 - I think we’re going to be together for the long haul! Would I recommend these products - absolutely YES! YES! YES!! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
Kath Terrigal, NSW
These neck pads are fantastic.been using expensive creams for years and nothing worked. When I tried these I thought another gimic. I am so happy with the results. They seem to flatten out the skin on the neck. I rinse mine out every night in warm water and velvet soap which I buy in Coles. Highly recommend these. More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
Jo Farrell
Amazing product! It works! I believe that 'Skinvigor8' deserves huge praise!
Rating : ★★★★★
Voula G
Honestly it's about time that women received the beauty benefits of what beauty products claim to deliver. This product not only fulfils its promise but surpasses it. Skinvigor8 d?colletage pads are uite simply the beauty product that we have ALL been waiting for!!! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
As my plastic surgeon keeps telling me - it's more about preventive measures vs. extreme fixes later on. I am 30 years old. These pads have literally stopped the aging process on my chest! I love !!! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
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