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Our Silicone wrinkle patches for the eyes were designed specifically to treat wrinkles, crepiness and bags underneath and at the sides of the eyes.

The thinner silicone design stops the skin from being pulled and damaged when removing the pads.  As they are ideal to wear while you sleep, they will save time in your beauty regime.  They also last much longer than copy products on the market, so will save you money.  The eye pads contour beautifully to the skin and are very comfortable to wear due to their clever design.

Say goodbye to unsightly wrinkles. Our 100% medical grade silicone wrinkle patches repair and prevent wrinkles while you sleep!


Do you suffer from tired eyes, crepiness and bags?  We have the answer.  Skinvigor8’s silicone wrinkle patches for the eyes have been specifically designed not to compromise the delicate skin underneath the eyes.  They repair and prevent eye wrinkles either during the day or while you are sleeping.

Damage under the eyes and crow’s feet area is caused by fatigue, ageing, and sun damage.  Prolonged use of the eye pads will help return skin to a more youthful appearance.

Previously there has been nothing suitable to treat this very delicate skin – until now!  The Silcskin Eye Wrinkle Patches are gentle enough to not lift and pull the thin skin underneath the eyes but will hydrate and rejuvenate this area to leave it looking fresh and wrinkle-free.

The Silcskin silicone wrinkle patches are manufactured from 100% medical grade silicone that hydrates the skin and improves blood flow, causing the eye lines to plump out and repair.

There are 6 individual pads in the Silcskin Eye Pad pack, each lasting approximately 15 days with a total usage period of around 45 days.

Silcskin’s Silicone Wrinkle Patches were included in the 2016 & 2017 Oscars Goodie Bags and have been endorsed by Hollywood’s Diana Riva who has starred in, amongst many other things, ‘What Women Want’, ‘Short Term 12′ and ’17 Again’.  Patricia Arquette is also a huge fan of Silcskin!



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I have been using the Decollette pad for 3 months now and it is amazing! I sleep on my side and I no longer have to worry about waking up with chest wrinkles anymore. Before using your product I was mbarrassed to wear low cut tops but not anymore. I tell all my friends about it and I cannot wait for your new facial pads. I will be buying them too. Thank you so much! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
The Skinvigor8 pad is a revolutionary product. It actually does what it says it will do and it is very well priced for the incredible results it provides. You can quite literally say goodbye to chest wrinkles. More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
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Over the last 5 years I have spent a small fortune not only on treating facial wrinkles (which have responded well to products) but more particularly I've spent a lot of money on my d?colletage area which was not responding well to products).* More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
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Get the Best Eye Wrinkle Treatment Today

Skinvigor8 has a range of treatments for your skin, including eye wrinkle treatment, which will leave your skin feeling smoother and healthier. We offer you many different wrinkle patch treatments with a range of products designed to target specific areas of the body so you can have an overall feeling of smoother skin.

Read our extensive range of independent reviews and see our incredible before and after pictures sent in from our customers if you need more motivation as to why you need our silicone wrinkle patches for the eyes.

What You Can Expect from our Silicone Wrinkle Patches for the Eyes

We are your local stockists of Silcskin’s silicone wrinkle patches for the eyes, that you might know as the products designed by Emmy-award winning Hollywood makeup artist, Camille Calvet. Let us show you why our products are the best treatments for your skin and how it will benefit:

  • Decollette wrinkle patches: Let’s start with the most unusual product that you might not even have thought about before. These wrinkle patches will help with those chest wrinkles that you wake up with in the morning. If you tend to sleep on your side, the pressure from your arms will leave you with “cleavage wrinkles” that you don’t want when you wear your favourite summer tank top.
  • Collette wrinkle patches: Moving further up the body, the Collette wrinkle patches are for your neck because you can’t have your chest looking smooth while your neck looks ten years older. These 100% medical-grade silicone wrinkle patches will easily stick to your skin and stay in place during the night so you can wake up with smoother skin; it is as easy as that.
  • Brow & Multi-area: We then have a range of silicone wrinkle patches to cover the facial area. Besides our under-eye wrinkle patches that targets the under-eye area to reduce puffiness, and wrinkles underneath the eyes, we also have multi-area pads & forehead (brow) patches for the rest of your face. These can be used on the forehead, sides of eyes (crow’s feet) and around the mouth to target any fine lines that you spot.
    Hand treatment. Okay so your upper body looks great now, and you have taken years off your age. But if you look down, the other body part that is not afraid to show your age, is your hands. Our hand treatment will plump up your skin to make it appear smoother and younger. You can even treat your arms and elbows if needed.

Our wrinkle patch products are manufactured from one hundred percent medical grade silicone and will last longer than any imitation products for under eye wrinkle repair you might have seen around. As you know, imitations never have the same quality and results as the originals, and are merely there to make a quick buck, rather than caring about customer satisfaction. So, make sure you buy the original when shopping online, and that the company is an authorised stockist of Skinvigor8 (Aust. Distributors for Silcskin).

History of the Silcskin Eye Wrinkle Patches

Growing up, you might have idolised your favourite actresses on screen for their beauty and grace and their flawless, smooth, glowing skin. Hollywood’s Camille Calvet is the face and innovator behind the Silcskin brand, and she has brought you these products so you too can feel like a movie star.

  • Early fascination. As a teen, Camille already knew that the film industry was her calling, but she originally aspired to a different aspect of the industry. Wanting to become a screenwriter, she went on to study film and screenwriting and was soon after hired as a production assistant. When she experienced the special effects and the power of makeup, she was fascinated, and never looked back.
  • New chapter. Camille’s studies already taught her a lot about special effects and makeup and she further ventured into this area, working on many blockbuster films and resulting in her winning two Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup.
  • Behind the scenes. While she loved the outcome of her work, she also realised the impact on the skin of the makeup and chemicals used to transform the actors. The realisation of the healing effect silicone has on the skin as a result of working with silicone prosthetics is what ultimately inspired her to create the Silcskin range of wrinkle patches.

When you buy our silicone wrinkle patch repair products, you get the experience of an Emmy award winning makeup artist who has an extensive background in working with this medium on many of Hollywood’s greats.

About Crows’ Feet Repair

Even with the help of experts and the best products on the market, you can’t reverse ageing, but you can soften the lines on your body and have glowing skin, regardless of the damage done. Your hands, eyes neck and chest are the first to show signs of sun damage, ageing or neglect, and our reusable medical-grade silicone wrinkle patches and cleanser will help you restore your skin to look its best.

Contact us if you need advice or have a question about our Silcskin products and their benefits.

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