Repair & Prevent Wrinkles - While You Sleep!

With our ORIGINAL & Longest Lasting 100% Medical Grade Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Pads

LNE & SPA Best Product 2018

From thousands of products on the market, to over 180 nominees chosen by our educational team, to 46 reader voted winners, the LNE & Spa Best Product Award Winners have passed every test with flying colours! These products are celebrated by estheticians and spa therapists around the country for their quality, results, and innovation.

LNE & SPA Best Product 2019

SilcSkin – silicone anti-wrinkle pad pioneer and creator of the original and #1 selling Decollette Pad – was awarded LNE & Spa's Best Product for 2019 in the Neck and Decolleté category for the second year running!

Included in the Oscars Goodie Bags 2016

There's a huge upside to being a nominee in one of the major Oscar categories, even if you lose. That honour, of course, is the "swag bag" that's given to each contender in the best actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, and director categories. We are delighted to announce that our Silcskin products have been included in the goodie bags!

Included in the Oscars Goodie Bags 2017

The 'swag bag' given to Oscar nominees has become a regular part of the awards for years now. The company Distinctive Assets puts together 'everyone wins' bags for major nominees in the best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, and best director categories. Our Silcskin products have been once again been included!

Featured Products

Brow (Forehead) Pads


or 4 payments of $11.00 with Afterpay

Our Silcskin Brow Pad is one piece that has been designed to cover the forehead and the lines between the eyebrows.

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Collette Pads


or 4 payments of $11.00 with Afterpay

Our Silcskin Neck (Collette) Pads are designed to wrap around the neck and cover wrinkling caused by exposure to the elements, gravity and ageing.

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Decollette Pads


or 4 payments of $11.00 with Afterpay

Our fantastic Silcskin Decollete pads were invented and designed to repair chest wrinkles in-situ and prevent new ones forming.

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Eye Pads


or 4 payments of $11.00 with Afterpay

Our Silcskin Eye Pads were designed specifically to treat wrinkles, crepiness and bags underneath and at the sides of the eyes.

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Multi-Area Pads


or 4 payments of $11.00 with Afterpay

Our Multi-Area Silcskin Pack contains four pads that can be used in many different locations on the face, such as between the eyebrows, on the sides of the eyes, the top lip, chin or around the mouth.

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Silcskin Cleanser


or 4 payments of $9.74 with Afterpay

Our alcohol-free Silcskin Cleanser has been introduced to cleanse both the surface of the pads (approximately once a week) and to prepare the skin before applying the pads.

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Silcskin Hand Treatment


or 4 payments of $10.50 with Afterpay

Our Silcskin Hand Treatment is manufactured from medical grade silicone and was invented specifically to treat hand wrinkles, however it can also be used to treat the knees, legs, elbows and arms.

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Easy to Clean

Your pads can be cleaned quickly and easily with either our purpose-made Silcskin Cleanser, or a moisturiser-free soap.

Lasts Longer

Designed and made from premium 100% medical grade quality silicone, Skinvigor8 pads have been proven by our customers to last longer and work better than any other product. Conventional silicone pads which last from 20 to 30 days while your Silcskin pads will remain effective for 30 – 60 days. Some customers have found theirs lasted closer to 90 days with a little extra attention.

Hollywood Designed

Designed and tested in Hollywood by two-time Emmy Award- winning makeup artist to the stars, Camille Calvet.

From the blog

2018 & 2019 Winner of LNE & Spa's Best Chest & Neck Product Award

Endorsed by the likes of Hollywood’s Diana Riva of ‘What Women Want’, loved by Patricia Arquette and sought after and recognised worldwide for their quality and longevity, Skinvigor8’s Silcskin products prevent wrinkles – while you sleep!

Silcskin anti-wrinkle pads are the ORIGINAL 100% medical grade silicone pads invented and designed by two-time Emmy-winning Hollywood makeup artist, Camille Calvet. Many years ago, Camille experienced firsthand how effective silicone was on minimising the appearance of scar tissue.  She also used silicone prosthetics extensively in her work, noting that her customers skin was always much more supple after wearing the prosthetics.  She put the two ideas together and came up with the first ever Decollete Pad to treat chest wrinkles.

Included in the 2016 AND 2017 Oscars Goodie Bags!!!

We were so thrilled that our fabulous Silcskin Pads were included in the 2016 & 2017 Oscars Goodie Bags!

Ladies – if it’s good enough for Hollywood…….!



Suzanne Hunter
I have been using the silicskin pads on my chest on and off for 7 years. I am 54 years old and for the past two years, I wear them every night. The Without a doubt the most effective aging treatment I have ever found.
Trudy Collins
I just wanted to say that I love your products a lot and they really work for me. I have tried some other brands copies and can honestly say, I shouldn't have bothered wasting my money. They are nowhere near as good. Please keep producing such high quality products!
Jo Farrell
These neck pads are fantastic. Been using expensive creams for years and nothing worked worked. When I tried these I thought another gimic. I am so happy with the results. They seem to flatten out the skin on the neck. I rinse mine out every night in warm water and velvet soap which I buy in Coles. Highly recommend these.
These chest pads are definitely the best on the market.  Mine lasted over a year!  I thought i'd try a cheaper brand, but was thoroughly disappointed.


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