Silcskin wrinkle patches repair your wrinkles while you sleep! The ORIGINAL silicone wrinkle patches invented in 2003, sold and sought after globally for their Quality and Longevity. Sole Authorised Australian Distributors.

  • Most of us eventually get those annoying chest, neck and facial wrinkles from lying on our side at night, sun damage, ageing and gravity
  • Skinvigor8's Original Silcskin wrinkle smoothing patches, which last much longer than any copy brands, repair those wrinkles while you sleep
  • So you can wear whatever you choose whenever you choose, without having to resort to any invasive procedures, leaving your friends wondering how you did it...

Featured Products

Silcskin Decollete Silicone Chest Wrinkle Patches for Wrinkly Chest Skin, Chest Wrinkles from Side Sleeping, sun damage


Our fantastic Silcskin silicone wrinkle patches were invented and designed to repair chest wrinkles in-situ and prevent new ones forming.


Collette (Neck) Silicone Wrinkle Patches for Neck Wrinkles, Tek-Nek, Tech Neck, Crepey Neck Lines, Saggy Neck Skin


Our Silcskin Neck wrinkle patches are designed to wrap around the neck and cover wrinkling caused by exposure to the elements, gravity and ageing.


Silcskin Eye Pads, Silicone Eye Wrinkle Patches for Puffy Eyes, dark circles under eyes, tired eyes, eye wrinkles


Our Silicone wrinkle patches for the eyes were designed specifically to treat wrinkles, crepiness and bags underneath and at the sides of the eyes.


Silcskin Brow Pack – Silicone Wrinkle Patches for Eye wrinkles, Forehead wrinkles, Mouth wrinkles, smokers lines, nasolabial folds, crows feet, laughter lines


Our Silcskin silicone wrinkle patch for the Brow, is one piece that has been designed to cover the forehead and the lines between the eyebrows.


Silcskin Multi-Area Silicone Wrinkle Patches for Mouth wrinkles, Eye wrinkles, Top Lip wrinkles, crows feet, laughter lines, nasolabial folds


Our Multi-Area Silcskin wrinkle patches contains four silicone wrinkle patches that can be used in many different locations on the face, such as between the eyebrows, on the sides of the eyes, the top lip, chin or around the mouth.


Silcskin Cleanser – Silicone Wrinkle Patch Cleaner & Skin & Makeup Cleanser


Our alcohol-free Silcskin Cleanser has been introduced to cleanse both the surface of the pads (approximately once a week) and to prepare the skin before applying the pads.


Silcskin Hand Treatment – Silicone Hand Wrinkle Repair Cream


Our Silcskin Hand Treatment is manufactured from medical grade silicone and was invented specifically to treat hand wrinkles, however it can also be used to treat the knees, legs, elbows and arms.


Full Face Set – Silicone Wrinkle Patches for Eye Wrinkles; Mouth Wrinkles; Forehead Wrinkles; Top Lip Wrinkles; Crows Feet & Laughter Lines


Our Full Face Set contains 1 brow pad, 4 Eye Pads and 2 Multi-Area Pads that work together to get rid of unsightly wrinkles on your face.


Side Sleeper? - Check this out!


Kym Hardy Albany Creek, Queensland
I having been using the Skinvigor8 decollette pad regularly for the past 6 months.  I was given a sample product from my Skin Consultant and have been keeping my stock levels up ever since.  I did ot know that these silcskin pads even existed which is very unfortunate for all the women out there who wake up with chest wrinkles.  They are amazing and make such a difference when you wear them every other night or nightly whilst sleeping. The trick is to clean them regularly (after 3 wears) with sunlight soap as the dead skin can build up and they won't adhere as well to your decollette.  I am now going to try the eye pads as I am confident they will work just as well.  Will keep you posted! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
Tanya Qld
After using silcskin pads for a couple of years, I decided to try a competitors similar product because of the price reduction. in. Other brand is flimsy and comes loose, and doesn’t give the same result More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
Moz Steel Yanchep Lagoon
I used Skinvigor8 many years ago.  Im now 61 and feeling a bit wrinkled on the chest.  Who have I turned to but the ORIGINAL and THE BEST Skinvigor8.  Never forgot the name or the quality.  Im k!! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
Lynne Fox
I use the décolleté pads and they are excellent. I was sceptical to begin with but I’m more than delighted with the results they produce. Those ugly vertical lines we ladies get when we sleep on ur sides don’t even happen when you wear the pads at night. Or if you forget to wear one to bed, just put one on for a few hours in the morning and your décolletage will smooth completely out. They even take away that horrible crepe look. I’ve been buying them for years and love them. More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★

Easy to Clean

Your silicone wrinkle smoothing patches can be cleaned quickly and easily with either our purpose-made Silcskin Cleanser (also wonderful to prepare the skin beforehand), or a moisturiser-free soap.

Lasts Longer

Designed and made from premium 100% medical grade quality silicone, our Silcskin wrinkle smoothing patches have been proven by our customers to last longer and work better than any other product. Copy brands last from 15 to 20 days while your Silcskin patches will remain effective for 30 + days. Some customers have found theirs lasted closer to 90 days with a little extra attention.

Hollywood Designed

The Originals! Designed and invented in Hollywood by two-time Emmy Award winning makeup artist to the stars, Camille Calvet over 20 years ago.


LNE & SPA Best Product 2018
LNE & SPA Best Product 2019
LNE & Spa Best Product 2020
Included in the Oscars Goodie Bags 2016
Included in the Oscars Goodie Bags 2017

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