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Suzanne Hunter

I have been using the silicskin pads on my chest on and off for 7 years. I am 54 years old and for the past two years, I wear them every night. The Without a doubt the most effective aging treatment I have ever found. …Read More

Trudy Collins

I just wanted to say that I love your products a lot and they really work for me. I have tried some other brands copies and can honestly say, I shouldn’t have bothered wasting my money. They are nowhere near as good. Please keep producing such high quality products! …Read More

Sindy Sindy

They do work as shown.  I use them and have lost the deep wrinkles i had around my eyes. …Read More

Ingrid Adams

I bought the one for my chest ,amazing results. I too thought at first yeah sure but after the first time using it I was amazed the difference next I am going to try the neck one.Happy customer.?? …Read More

Alison Vincent

I have been using these pads for several years now and they are amazing!! My chest wrinkles disappeared within a few days of using the first one and my skin is always softer after use. They are high quality as well and I have never had any issues with skin irritations at all. I can …Read More

Jo Farrell

These neck pads are fantastic. Been using expensive creams for years and nothing worked worked. When I tried these I thought another gimic. I am so happy with the results. They seem to flatten out the skin on the neck. I rinse mine out every night in warm water and velvet soap which I buy …Read More

Rosemary Calabrese

Just want to say – love love love your products. I have been using them for a few years now and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my skin – especially my chest area. As a side sleeper, it doesn’t take long for that chest area to crease. Sure beats spending money …Read More

Natalie Alderding

I have been using these products for nearly 2 years. They work.. Quite amazing.. I’m on a budget but I make sure I can buy everything 3-4 mths. …Read More

Judi Flanagan

I give them 5 Stars as well. For too long I looked way older than my years. Thanks to not only the chest wrinkles but also the crepey skin in that area, I felt I looked more like I was in my 70’s. I thought nothing could be done. I’m thrilled with my results. So …Read More


These chest pads are definitely the best on the market.  Mine lasted over a year!  I thought i’d try a cheaper brand, but was thoroughly disappointed. …Read More

Gina Swannall

Hi everyone- I have tried 2 silicon patches and these are the ONLY ones that actually stay on – and give amazing results I have tried another brand and the actual patch is thinner more maintenance to look after – you have to buy a $40 cleaner – last 1/2 as long as skinvigor8 and …Read More

Rhonda Macklin

Works a treat….try it yourself….when nothing else did cheers …Read More


Beyond Expectations.  Definitely Recommend and now have my beautician selling it. …Read More

Marilyn Barber

These are AMAZING.  I promise they do actually work. Be patient and use it every night. You will be amazed. The face one work great also. Skinvigor8 reply… Thanks Marilyn – we love that you’re loving them 🙂 Marilyn’s response I swear by this product.  Every 6 months i buy a new one and fix …Read More

Tracy Fisher

Well that was a surprise, I’ve had deep chest wrinkles for a long time, I bought the chest pad used it for the first night and saw an instant result in the morning. magnificent product, still have a few soft lines but nothing like i use to have. now I feel more confident and not …Read More

Nicola Ropeti

I have used this product for years on my chest.  Works a treat …Read More

Alison Vincent

I just logged on to order again, and I know I have already left a lot of feedback but can’t resist commenting again.. I love the chest pads! They really do work, the results are truly amazing, such a fantastic product that everybody should be talking about! Thank you so much! Can I also give …Read More

Deb Darveniza

Don’t be fooled by the fake products , buy skinvigor8 , I am nearly 50 so therefore starting to see the signs of aging on my chest , I can’t believe the difference the pads make. Easy, painless, and well priced for the results ! Do yourself a favour, and treat yourself you won’t regret …Read More

Sue Roach

I love this product, nothing to loose but your wrinkles. Little effort easy to use. Definitely worth buying. …Read More

Carla Agung

I’ve been using these for 9 years , they are one of the only products that i’ve used that 100% does what it says …Read More


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