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Trudy Collins

I just wanted to say that I love your products a lot and they really work for me. I have tried some other brands copies and can honestly say, I shouldn’t have bothered wasting my money. They are nowhere near as good. Please keep producing such high quality products! …Read More

Sindy Sindy

They do work as shown.  I use them and have lost the deep wrinkles i had around my eyes. …Read More

Ingrid Adams

I bought the one for my chest ,amazing results. I too thought at first yeah sure but after the first time using it I was amazed the difference next I am going to try the neck one.Happy customer.?? …Read More

Alison Vincent

I have been using these pads for several years now and they are amazing!! My chest wrinkles disappeared within a few days of using the first one and my skin is always softer after use. They are high quality as well and I have never had any issues with skin irritations at all. I can …Read More

Jo Farrell

These neck pads are fantastic. Been using expensive creams for years and nothing worked worked. When I tried these I thought another gimic. I am so happy with the results. They seem to flatten out the skin on the neck. I rinse mine out every night in warm water and velvet soap which I buy …Read More

Rosemary Calabrese

Just want to say – love love love your products. I have been using them for a few years now and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my skin – especially my chest area. As a side sleeper, it doesn’t take long for that chest area to crease. Sure beats spending money …Read More

Natalie Alderding

I have been using these products for nearly 2 years. They work.. Quite amazing.. I’m on a budget but I make sure I can buy everything 3-4 mths. …Read More

Judi Flanagan

I give them 5 Stars as well. For too long I looked way older than my years. Thanks to not only the chest wrinkles but also the crepey skin in that area, I felt I looked more like I was in my 70’s. I thought nothing could be done. I’m thrilled with my results. So …Read More

Gina Swannall

Hi everyone- I have tried 2 silicon patches and these are the ONLY ones that actually stay on – and give amazing results I have tried another brand and the actual patch is thinner more maintenance to look after – you have to buy a $40 cleaner – last 1/2 as long as skinvigor8 and …Read More

Rhonda Macklin

Works a treat….try it yourself….when nothing else did cheers …Read More


Beyond Expectations.  Definitely Recommend and now have my beautician selling it. …Read More


These chest pads are definitely the best on the market.  Mine lasted over a year!  I thought i’d try a cheaper brand, but was thoroughly disappointed. …Read More

Alison Vincent

I just logged on to order again, and I know I have already left a lot of feedback but can’t resist commenting again.. I love the chest pads! They really do work, the results are truly amazing, such a fantastic product that everybody should be talking about! Thank you so much! Can I also give …Read More

Deb Darveniza

Don’t be fooled by the fake products , buy skinvigor8 , I am nearly 50 so therefore starting to see the signs of aging on my chest , I can’t believe the difference the pads make. Easy, painless, and well priced for the results ! Do yourself a favour, and treat yourself you won’t regret …Read More

Carla Agung

I’ve been using these for 9 years , they are one of the only products that i’ve used that 100% does what it says …Read More

Sue Roach

I love this product, nothing to loose but your wrinkles. Little effort easy to use. Definitely worth buying. …Read More

Bronni Hooper

I’ve tried the chest and last week the neck one.  Even my sister noticed the difference with my neck, so for me, Im ecstatic with the results.  My next purchase will be for my face…Love them.  Better than going under the knife!! …Read More

Tracy Fisher

Well that was a surprise, I’ve had deep chest wrinkles for a long time, I bought the chest pad used it for the first night and saw an instant result in the morning. magnificent product, still have a few soft lines but nothing like i use to have. now I feel more confident and not …Read More

Alison Vincent

I know i am preaching to the converted but i cannot get enough of these chest pads.  They should be a cult beauty product for everybody – Young, for prevention and older, for repair.  They are so amazing I am now telling everybody about them I don’t care about the fact that no one talks …Read More

Marilyn Barber

These are AMAZING.  I promise they do actually work. Be patient and use it every night. You will be amazed. The face one work great also. Skinvigor8 reply… Thanks Marilyn – we love that you’re loving them 🙂 Marilyn’s response I swear by this product.  Every 6 months i buy a new one and fix …Read More


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