Hollywood Baby! Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Modern Beauty Industry

Wow – this article! “Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Modern Beauty Industry” (link below).  Authority Magazine interviews the amazing inventor of our Silcskin silicone anti-wrinkle patches & 2 x Emmy winning Hollywood makeup artist, Camille Calvet. She is some inspiration this lady.

Camille invented the first ever ORIGINAL silicone anti-wrinkle decollete pad back in the early 2000’s and the Silcskin range are now sought after and sold worldwide.  Skinvigor8 have been proudly distributing Silcskin in Australia since 2008 and have 100+ stockists nationally.  All other silicone pads on the market are copies of our Silcskin Pads and simply do not have the same longevity or quality.

Camille worked extensively with silicone prosthetics as a Hollywood makeup artist and noticed her customers skin was much more supple as a result of having them applied.  She then experienced firsthand silicone being used in hospital on scar tissue after being treated herself for thyroid cancer.  She put these two ideas together and hail, the 100% medical grade silicone decollette pads were borne.  The range has since been expanded to cover the face, neck, hands and of course chest.

Excerpt regarding Camilles work on Kill Bill…

“We were doing the Trailer fight scene where Uma Thurman’s character rips out Daryl Hanna’s remaining eye and steps on it. I was there to apply Daryl’s ripped out Eye and some prosthetics on Uma. They had already shot the close ups of the “Eye” Gag in the studio. So, we were basically doing some “pickups” on the scene. So, here we are in the middle of the desert, about a mile from our base camp, when Quentin Tarantino asks me for the “eye” to get stepped on. That scene was already approved, so the Lab had not provided me with this prosthetic prop.
But Quentin does not take no lightly! So, relying on every bit of creativity I could muster, I sent a production assistant up to Base camp to get me some hard-boiled eggs. I cut the back off the Egg, removed the yolk, painted an eye on the front and filled the cavity with some bloody “nerves” which I created with some latex scraps and puss goop in my kit.…/emmy-winning-makeup-artist-camille-cal…
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