A.V -

Hello there I can’t believe I finally had the courage to speak to someone about your product, the chest pad. I see this girl a couple of times a week at the pool and have noticed how immaculate she is – beautiful figure, perfect skin (clearly fillers as she is in her 40’s), perfectly coloured hair, nails, eyelashes, fake tan, etc but deep chest wrinkles!! I know it sounds superficial but I couldn’t help being constantly fixated on her chest every time we talked because everything else was so flawless – she clearly invested a lot of money in her skin care and physical appearance. So one day last week I approached it by saying something along the lines of ‘wow what do you do to have such beautiful skin? Anything non invasive? Because I have been using this amazing product on my chest wrinkles’.. and she said OMG that is such a problem area for me! But your chest is wrinkle free! To which I replied ‘it wasn’t before I discovered this amazing product that literally erases chest wrinkles over night!’ I explained to her how it works and she was thrilled! Thanked me over and over and said she never would have believed a product like that worked! She then proceeded to complain about her neck to which I replied this company also sells pads for the neck! Yay! So I took a risk that she would be offended but in fact she is super happy! Your product really is amazing – affordable, non invasive and literally, life changing. Thank you so much!