Imogene -

Being an X generation Aussie, I’ve had my fair share of sun damage, particularly on the chest area. Who can forget the teenage days of lying in the sun slathered in baby oil; without even a hint of SPF protection in sight? The damage that I did to my chest skin during my teenage years, combined with being a dedicated side sleeper, became terribly noticeable when I hit 35. My face was looking pretty good, and I kept myself in shape at gym, but the décolletage area REALLY gave my age away!

Suffice to say that my chest wrinkles were the one place that advertised my real age in years, and the one area that I could do very little to improve upon, as I did not wish to turn to surgical or invasive procedures.

I originally tried the Skinvigor8 pads as a last resort when I found them advertised on the web. The photo results on the webpage looked great, but I didn’t really believe that this product could actually work as well as the photos advertised. But, always looking for a solution, I thought, ‘oh, I’ll give them a try – it’s only $55 bucks, it can’t hurt to try’.

So, when my Skinvigor8 pad arrived in the mail, I applied the pad to my chest and settled down for a lovely nights sleep. I woke up the next morning and I simply could not believe my eyes!!!!!! My chest wrinkles were GONE, overnight!!!!! I could not believe the immediate and dramatic improvement after just one night wearing the Skinvigor8 décolletage pads!

From that morning on, I’ve slept every night wearing the Skinvigor8 pad, as I couldn’t bear to go back to waking with the wrinkles that I used to have. The pads are very economical as you can use them over and over. They wash up well once per week, and you can just keep on using them until the stickiness wears off. As I’m quite time poor, it’s such a relief that they take no time at all to use. You simply peel the pad off the plastic wrap and slap it on your chest, then go to sleep. It’s that easy!!!! 

Before using Skinvigor8 pads, my décolletage care comprised of very expensive cremes which made a small contribution towards improving the area somewhat. However, despite the hundreds of dollars I was spending on this problem area, my chest still looked significantly older than my face. I could not even wear a T shirt anymore, despite hours at the gym working with weights on my chest and arms. 

Over the last 5 years, I have spent a small fortune not only on treating facial wrinkles (which have responded well to products), but more particularly I’ve spent a lot of money on my décolletage area (which was not responding well to products).

Using this product over time has also improved the surrounding skin around the location of where the pad is applied. It’s made the surrounding skin of a finer texture, seeming to radiate out from the location area of the pad. Another additional benefit is that I had the beginnings of a wart right in my cleavage (lovely, huh)?! (not)!!! I was planning to have the wart burnt off, but I noticed that after about a month of using the pad every night the wart was softer, smaller and less coloured. 6-8 weeks after using the pad, the wart had totally disappeared.