jodi Pryde -

For anyone who is skeptical , I am just a country woman 47 who lives in QLD on property and have done a lot of driving over the years. I do cover up except for my lower arms and my chest area is exposed. I too was thinking , oh my gosh, my chest looks disgusting compared to the rest of my body, and you know the V lines. Now this has only been brought to my attention in the last year. Its like overnight almost and there it was. Then I looked at myself laying down with a mirror and I could say how my folds on my chest form because of having 12 DD chest, and I am a side sleeper and lay like that all night, from one side to the other..
Me too I thought well if it was an improvement like the picture on the add, that would be enough.
I was so amazed after two nights , by just giving my chest a break from creasing. For anybody around my age that thinks , nah, its not going to work. You must have faith in this product, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you do wash the pad , yes the sticky pad you put on your chest with sunlight laundry soap the yellow bar. After you wash it let it dry a little , say 5 minutes and then stick it back on the clear plastic, make sure the clear plastic has no residue on it also by giving a wash and clean when you know it needs it for a smooth surface.
I wash my chest and neck the morning with organic coconut oil and sugar from the pantry. Then dry the area, then I massage Cold pressed Organic Olive Oil ( supermarket COBRAM is good brand. very high grade into my chest. From now on I am going to keep that area moist and never ever let it dry out again, except for when I put the pad on at night. When night times come I clean the area with an organic wash, not oily one and dry area and stick the pad back on. Same routine everyday.
Give it a go, you will see an improvement easy by two weeks. Remember don’t be lazy and keep up the rountine.
if you find you get a rash ever just put LUCAS paw paw ointment on your chest.
Give this product this time the benefit of the doubt girls.