Kath - Terrigal, NSW

These products are amazing. First off, I had discussed using these products with a Plastic Surgeon & she encouraged me to purchase due to proven effectiveness of silicone pads. My personal concerns are neck & décolletage. My neck has that horrid ‘neck wattle’ (phrase made famous in the show Ally McBeal) & as I’m a side sleeper, my chest has started getting those horrid creases which to me scream ‘old’! So, after much research I looked to Skinvigor8. I mean if it’s good enough for Hollywood actresses, then it’s good enough for this Sheila. 😂 So I messaged the Skinvigor8 team & got a prompt and personal response to my skin concerns & was so convinced I’d love the products, I brought 2 of the neck & décolletage pads. I also got some eye pads too. These products were shipped from WA, Australia & I received them 2 days later on the other side of the country in a rural town – and during a pandemic! 👍👊👏 The products come with easy ‘how to use’ & ‘how to care for’ instructions & that night I went to sleep with all 3 silicon pads on. The next morning, I discovered that the pads had remained perfectly in the spot I had placed them & I then removed them gently for results. WOW!!! Outstanding! I’m just thrilled. After only 1 night my neck wattle is almost gone. My décolletage is smooth with no creases & the skin around my eyes is smooth too. It’s only been 1 night! 🎉👏 As I’m typing this I actually have the neck pad on as I’ve noticed my neck gets those creases & ‘neck wattle’ when I’m looking down at my phone or reading a book. So the verdict! I’m in love! These pads may actually save me money by not having to get any big beauty treatments (Lipo, Fillers, Botox, PRP Factor IV). Right now I can not imagine not having these pads in my life. Thanks Skinvigor8 – I think we’re going to be together for the long haul! Would I recommend these products – absolutely YES! YES! YES!!

Product : Collette Pads