Kitti O -

Amazing. I picked some up yesterday (after you advised my local stockist). I’ve used them once…98% reduction in DEEP lines on my chest. So happy right now. Thankyou!

Kitty O’c It was all true! I’ve been raving about them all day…
I had started to become self conscious about my lines for a while but was hoping I was just being overly critical/hard on myself. Until I had a close friend (one of the truly honest types) say ‘umm what are those lines?! Ive never noticed them before! Eeek!’).
So that was what prompted me to go and buy one…even though I thought it probably wouldn’t work…I’m so pleased with the results. I honestly don’t bother commenting/reviewing anything but these are truly awesome! I’m about to pop it back on and hop into bed now!