Mary Jane -

Dear Sally,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am in your product.

Before finding the Decollette Pads, I had reverted to exteme measures to try and minimize the wrinkles I had on my chest.

I have had lazer, chemical peels, slept in a bra, used the best face moisturizer on my chest.  But nothing worked until now.

The wrinkles have completely gone.  Bring on summer when I can wear singlet tops again.

My hands were also showing signs of aging.  After the 2 month period of wearing the pads on my chest, when they lose there stickness.  I have been cutting them down to fit on the tops of my hands.

I then purchased white gloves, (cut the fingers off) from the $2 store and wear them to bed. WOW, within 4 weeks my hands are now improving too.  Im sure many women have the same concerns as me – I keep staring at my hands and can’t believe the improvement.  I hope you like my idea.