Why Choose Silcskin’s Wrinkle Smoothing Patches? Because they’re the Best according to You ❤️

If you’ve ever wondered what other brands of silicone wrinkle patches are like and want to do some research, one of the best Australian independent sites is

As you know:-

We don’t 
make up stories about how wonderful our Pads are – you all tell us and we love that so much ❤️

We don’t do mass marketing, shouting lies from the rooftops – because we don’t lie – and we abhor liars😡  

And we absolutely wouldn’t dream of selling you a product that doesn’t work – and has no customer service backup to boot (know lots of you personally these days – 15 years later 😍)

What we do do tho – is some darn tootin good silicone wrinkle repair patches.  And we keep doing it.  And we love your feedback so much as it keeps us doing what we do and relieved that dreadful people eventually do get exposed for their lies and deceit.

Excerpt ‘Adhesion terrible, poor quality silicone compared to Silcskin. Hv used another brand Silcskin for decades, fantastic quality but pricier. Tried these for price point Don’t waste your money, the adhesion on chest overnight is useless…didnt stay on first night Other brand is twice the price but you get full adhesion for more than a month and quality silicone *** will refund the unworn ones but I hv to pay $10 postage and $10 ‘restocking fee’. So I only get back half my money. Not happy’.

(Note – we never ever know anything of these reviews until we read them !).

Have an Amazing week
Sally  @ Skinvigor8 ❤️

Australian Distributors for Silcskin

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