Ahhh And Off They Go….So Now It Must Be The ‘Right Time’ For Some ‘You Time’ Am I Right???!😍 With Our Skinvigor8 Silicone Wrinkle Smoothing Patches….The Originals!

Well – your wee angels are back at coalface again, slugging it out in the world of all things educational.  Hopefully you’re all ok and there’s not too many pining mums and dads out there ❤️

The other side of the coin of course is that it may be time to get some you time again?  

If you’ve been neglecting your skincare routine due to various holiday time constraints, it could be time to get back on that horse  😊!

Luckily our Silcskin anti-wrinkle patches make it easy to do just that.  Simply apply them before you go to bed, and peel them off in the morning, and your skin will adore you for it 😍

Eminently versatile, they can just as easily be worn during the day, or for a couple of hours before an event as they provide an immediate lift to your skin by hydrating the surface and plumping out the wrinkle below.  

So ‘Go the Glow’ and choose from our range of custom designed Silcskin Pads to arrest any wrinkle you wish to see the back of 😊

Our Silcskin Range

Decollette Pads (chest wrinkles)

Collette Pads (neck wrinkles)

Brow (forehead) & 2 off Multi-Area (mouth, crows feet, laughter lines, top lip, chin, elevens)

Multi-Area Pack (4 off)
(mouth, crows feet, laughter lines, top lip, chin, elevens)

Full Face Set (forehead, eye & multi-area)

Eye Pads(under eye pads for delicate skin)
Cleanser (for cleaning pads, preparing skin prior to applying pads and makeup cleanser)

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