A Smoother You Begins Today – With Silcskin’s ORIGINAL and Longest Lasting 100% Medical Grade Silicone Wrinkle Smoothing Patches

Invented in 2003 by Silcskin’s 2 x Emmy winning Hollywood Special Effects makeup artist, Camille Calvet, our Silcskin Patches are the Original & Longest Lasting wrinkle smoothing patches of this type available (every single other brand is a copy that simply don’t last!)

Don’t forget that this is a journey. Your skin needs time to adapt and repair and the only requirement to a brighter and healthier you is consistency!

Start your healthy routine today by regularly using our custom designed Silcskin Patches to repair chest wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and facial wrinkles (and cut them up to suit any other areas of concern ?).  

Overnight is ideal as you are stationary and (theoretically – perfect world stuff ?) you are getting 8 hours rest.  However, if that perfect world doesn’t exist, you can just as easily wear them any other time.  

As long as they’re adhering to your skin, then they’re able to do their job (not while they’re sticking to the backing sheet on your bedside dresser ?).

Great skin comes from healthy habits.  Find healthier skin and a fresh outlook on life. Our 100% medical grade silicone pads let your natural glow emerge by repairing wrinkles – AND preventing new one’s from forming!

Our Silcskin Range

Decollette Pads (chest wrinkles)
Collette Pads (neck wrinkles)
Brow (forehead) & 2 off Multi-Area (mouth, crows feet, laughter lines, top lip, chin, elevens)
Multi-Area Pack (4 off)
(mouth, crows feet, laughter lines, top lip, chin, elevens)

Full Face Set (forehead, eye & multi-area)
Eye Pads(under eye pads for delicate skin)
Cleanser (for cleaning pads, preparing skin prior to applying pads and makeup cleanser)

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