Applying & Removing Skinvigor8’s Silicone Wrinkle Repair Pads

When it comes to applying and removing your Skinvigor8 Silcskin Pads, the basics are as follows for the Decollette, Neck & Facial Pads.  Firstly, remove the pink backing sheet that comes with your new Pad. When you are not using your Pads, simply place them sticky side down on the hard plastic backing sheet that comes with the packet.

Skinvigor8’s Silcskin Decollette Pad

Press the bottom of the pad into the top of the cleavage (sticky side down) – or however far down you wish to go.  Then follow the pad up with your fingers sticking it on as you go until you get to the top.  Press around from the interior to the exterior to ensure there are no air bubbles; if you have a few small ones it is no problem at all but you do not want big air gaps caught underneath the pad as otherwise you obviously will not be getting any skin/pad contact.

When removing the pad, we recommend lifting the pad from the bottom up to the top.  Hold the skin with the fingers as you go so that it is not being lifted up with the pad as it is being removed.

Skinvigor8’s Silcskin Collette Neck Pad

Place the middle of the pad over the windpipe, then press one side down to stick running the hands along the length of the pad, and then do the same with the other side.  Some customers have reported finding them a little more comfortable if applied on a slight diagonal – they are infinitely variable so please don’t hesitate to wear them as you wish.  Also, if they tend to lift a little towards the ends of the pad, this can indicate they are a little too long for your neck, hence take a pair of scissors and snip off the additional silicone at each end – and use these silicone ‘spares’ for anywhere else you wish.  They work exactly the same anywhere so are ideal for small areas such as eye wrinkles etc.  As we all come in different shapes and sizes, the pads are long enough to suit everyone and can be easily cut to suit.  Don’t be afraid to do this; just try not to touch them too much with your fingers as the oils in the hands can compromise the silicone over time.

When removing the Silcskin Neck Pad, start at one end, hold the skin down as you go and gently peel the pad away from the neckline.  Once removed, place sticky side down on the hard plastic backing sheet.  A customer advised recently that her pad no longer fitted the backing sheet and that it must have stretched.  We’ve not experienced this ourselves, however if you have found this, just snip the ends off as it will be easily long enough to suit the neck still.  As mentioned above, use any excess to remove wrinkles in other problem spots.


Skinvigor8’s Silcskin Forehead (Brow) Pads

Start by placing the middle of the brow pad onto the forehead, then run the fingers along each side to adhere.  Press down the centre piece to adhere firmly to the top of the nose bridge over the frown lines.  Due to this area angling down and inwards, the dropdown can sometimes lift off. To alleviate this you can simply get a pair of scissors and make a cut in the middle of the drop down area – as follows.


Alternatively, you can cut a small piece off an old pad and pop it underneath this dropdown area to increase the depth so that it stays flush with the rest of the pad, thereby alleviating the lift.

To remove the pad, simply start at one end, holding the skin down as you go and once removed, place the pad sticky side down on the hard plastic backing sheet.


Skinvigor8’s Silcskin Multi-Area Pads

The following diagram is a pretty good indication of where to apply the Silcskin multi-area pads (and forehead / brow pads).  These small pads have less surface area to contact to hence they can come off at night if you tend to thrash around.  If this is the case, just wear them at any other time it is suitable.  They can also be utilised for the smokers lines on the top lip – simply snip out the middle tongue and apply to this area.  If you find the surface area is not large enough to cover the top lip, just use an old decollette, neck or brow pad that has started to lose its stick on the outside edge.  Cut the outside off and shape the internal piece to suit the top lip – or anywhere else you prefer.  It is a great way to get further longevity out of your Silcskin Pads:)!

Pad contents and placement

Hope this clarifies things a little – we welcome any and all feedback and love hearing from you all:)




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