Longevity of your Silcskin Silicone Pads

Longevity of your Silcskin Silicone Pads
Hi everyone, we want to ensure you get as long a life as possible out of your Silcskin Pads hence we’ve popped down a few tips as follows that may be of interest.

Clean your Pads!
• If the surface of the pads are not being cleaned, they cannot adhere to your skin – clean your pads!
• The longer the ingress remains on the surface of the pad the quicker they will break down – clean your pads!
• Conversely – don’t clean (i know 🙂 ) your pads so frequently that you are breaking down the silicone too quickly. General rule of thumb is approximately once a week. If you tend to perspire a lot perhaps every 5 days may be required. Some customers however only need to clean theirs every two weeks and that works great for them. We are all different so do what works for you.
Storage on the Plastic Backing Tray
• Some of our customers have found that if they store their pads sticky side up in a tupperware (or equivalent) container with the lid on, this extends the life of the pad as they are not being regularly removed from the backing tray supplied, which may leave a skerrick of silicone behind as you peel them away. Food for thought!
• On that note, it’s always a good idea to clean the tray as this will negate the silicone sticking to it.
Using the Entire Pad
• As the outside edge of the silicone pad is typically the first area to lose it’s adhesiveness (this is pertinent predominantly to the larger pads), you can cut around the outside edge and use the remaining silicone for areas such as backs of hands or wherever you prefer.

So that’s just a few tips & tricks that we hope you find of interest. As many of you know we love to have a chat and being able to talk to you all is very important to us so if you’ve ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line 🙂

All the Best,
Sally @ Skinvigor8
t. 0407 422 888

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