Cleaning your Silcskin Pads – to get even more longevity :)

Cleaning your Silcskin Pads

To get even more longevity…?


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Following on from last week’s storage tips, this week covers the all important cleaning. Whilst there’s only a few steps to follow, they make all the difference in getting great life out of your Silcskin Pads.

As most of you know, our Silcskin Pads are the Original anti-wrinkle silicone patches ever invented (over 20 years ago!) and are the longest lasting and best quality available. If you buy a cheaper brand, they simply won’t last as long. Point in fact.

However! If you don’t look after them properly…it’s a moot point.


First and foremost – we’d recommend you buy the Silcskin cleanser if you can do so. It’s very economical, lasts ages and is multi-purpose.

It was invented specifically to (a) clean the skin before applying the patches and remove any embedded ingress, and (b) to clean the surface of the pads.

If that’s not for you however, we recommend Sunlight or Velvet laundry soap (the yellow bars) as it contains no moisturisers, is very economical and is easy to get hold of (laundry section of the supermarket). It will do the job and won’t break down the silicone most importantly. Do not use regular soaps! The majority contain moisturisers which will break down your pads and they will not last.

Silcskin Cleanser – Shop Now
Silcskin Cleanser – Shop Now
Silcskin Cleanser – Shop Now

Preparing your skin

Before you apply any of our Silcskin patches, you need to ensure your skin is free of products.

Just as silicone draws moisture, our pads draw moisture to the surface of the skin to plump out the wrinkles, and with that they are also drawing out any embedded oils / moisturisers etc.

So the better you clean your skin beforehand, the less residue will end up on the surface of the pad, hence we do want to impress upon you the importance of this step.

When to wash your Silcskin Pads

As mentioned above, the surface of the pads accumulate a build up of embedded products, together with dead skin cells and any atmospheric ingress floating around that inevitably will be attracted to the very sticky silicone adhesive i.e dust.

You need to wash the pads frequently enough so that the accumulated ingress doesn’t break down the silicone too quickly; however not so frequently that the silicone is being broken down – too quickly. So general rule of thumb is about once a week.

How to wash your Silcskin Pads

Run some warm water into the sink and dunk the pad into it. Using either a pump of our cleanser or the soap bar, rub the soap over the sticky surface of the pad in its entirety taking care to extend it out to the edges where grime tends to build up. Using your fingertips, gently massage the soap into the surface of the pad. Rinse off in the sink of warm water. If required, do this more than once. They need not be perfect, however you will notice the difference with the plain eye when the grubby film has been removed.


Firstly shake off the excess moisture.

As you would be aware, dust is attracted to a wet surface therefore we want to avoid this if possible. You can by all means let your pads dry sticky side up on your vanity or wherever it suits; just be aware this could potentially reduce the life of the pads.

A customer advised a few years ago that as she travelled a lot for work, she didn’t have the luxury of letting her pads dry naturally, so she started using a hair-dryer. Turns out this was a fantastic way of extending the life of the pads as they can be cleaned, dried and stored all within a matter of minutes.

So if you have a hair-dryer, dry your pads off on a cool setting (you don’t want to melt the silicone) and store them as you choose. If not, simply pop them into a tupperware container sticky side up with the lid on where they will dry naturally and be protected from external ingress.

Hoping the above is of interest and assistance. Please let us know, as always, if you’ve any queries at all.

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