Storing your Silcskin Anti-wrinkle Pads …so they last even longer!

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Storing your Silcskin Anti-wrinkle Pads …so they last even longer!

Gosh we can just about taste it – sunshine that is! Just having had a couple of warm days has made all the difference over in this corner and hopefully you’ve all had a wee snippet of it too wherever you are. Mood enhancer fo sho!

Something else we thought might be beneficial is a quick brush-up on your Silcskin Pad cleaning & storing techniques in order to ensure you get as much life as possible out of them. There’s actually a fair bit to this so we decided to make it a two part story – we’ll cover cleaning next week.

The storage trays that come with your pads are provided for convenience so that you can keep them tidily and neatly stored and to ensure no additional ingress is forming on the surface of your pads while you’re not using them.

While these are fabulous….you do lose tiny fragments of silicone every time you remove the pad from the tray – it’s just the nature of the beast.

So – as a storage alternative, you can place them in a Tupperware container, sticky side up and put the lid on.

Then when you go to use them again, they’re not being ‘peeled’ away from a surface and they’ve been protected from the atmosphere due to the coverage provided from the lid.

This is simple and effective and will give your already long lasting pads even further life.

Hope this helps. Next week – cleaning!

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