Cleaning your Silcskin Pads


Hey Cherubims. We wanted to give you more in-depth instructions about washing your Silcskin Pads as this can be a little confusing.   Your Pads need to be washed when there is a build-up of dead skin cells and atmospheric ingress on the surface – if it doesn’t need it – don’t do it.

A customer told us recently that she had only washed her pads 3 times – in 6 weeks – and they were working fabulously! That is a fantastic result if you can do this as it means the silicone is not being broken down by being washed too frequently.
There is a kicker here however. You need to wash the pads frequently enough to ensure the silicone is not being compromised by the build-up of ingress; yet you don’t want to wash them so often that the silicone is broken down more quickly!!
So keep an eye on your pads and when you can see with the naked eye that there is a build-up, give them a wash. Typically once a week seems to be the norm for when it’s required but as everyone is different, you need to adjust this to suit your own pads.
Recommended Cleansers

To wash – use soap that contains no moisturisers….we cannot emphasise how important this is!  Most soaps contain moisturisers and these will break down the silicone and the pads will in turn lose their ability to adhere to your skin.  We recommend two options – either laundry soap from your supermarket (Velvet or Sunlight yellow bars from the laundry section) or use our Silcskin Cleanser which has been designed specifically to cleanse both the surface of the pad and your skin prior to application.  Note – watch out for make-up coming off on your pad if you’ve not cleaned your skin thoroughly – your pads cannot adhere to your skin if the surface is covered with grime!

To Wash

Run your fingers over the surface of the pads under warm water and whatever soap you choose and lightly clean with your fingertips. Leave to dry sticky side up and when dry, turn them over and place face down on the hard plastic tray that comes with your Silcskin Pads.  Alternatively, you can pop them in a container with a lid – anything that won’t allow dust to settle on the surface.
Hot Tip
A customers advised a few years ago that she didn’t have the luxury of letting her pads dry naturally as she travelled a lot for work.  So she used a hair-dryer to dry them (on a cool setting) which actually let to an increase in the life of her pads.  If you dry them off immediately and place them back on the tray provided, ingress has no chance of being attracted to the wet surface whilst drying.  Very very handy tip!
Silcskin Pads last between 30-60 days which is substantially longer than similar copy brands last.  Invented in the early 2000’s, they are sought after and sold worldwide for their quality and efficacy.   Every single other brand on the market is a copy of our Original & Longest Lasting Silcskin Pads!
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