Skinvigor8’s Latest Media Coverage…(LOVE:))

Hello my lovelies. We wanted to share the latest reviews on Skinvigor8’s incredible Silcskin pads – delighted:).

Peninsula Living Pittwater has rated our incredible Silcskin Pads as Number 1 of their Top Ten beauty products – how fantastic is that!!!…/peninsula-living-pittwater-…/

Livia (a gorgeous blogger of all the latest beauty, hair & skincare products)

Holistic Bliss Magazine (who produce a fantastic holistic lifestyle magazine) …


Helen Araiji, Beauty Blogger October 27, 2015 ·

My name is Helen Araiji & I’m a Beauty Blogger but before that, I’ve loved anything related to beauty since I was a teenager. Know I am in my late 40’s & I know a lot more. I’ve been officially attending HAIR, BEAUTY & IMATS since enrolling in the 3 ARTS makeup college in 2010. I learnt a lot & more so from the expos. I was on official MEDIA capacity when I was introduced to SKINVIGOR8. I am very fussy & picky at what products I use. I was lucky enough that Sally followed upwith me after the Expo & sent ALL the pads to try out. Thank you Sally. They were so easy to use. Do read the instructions & how to look after them. I found that wearing during the day was best for me. I didn’t think I would see or feel results in a few days but I did. I honestly can feel them work as soon as I put them on the area that needs firming. I loved them & highly recommend them. I take this my role as a Blogger very seriously as it will affect my reputation. I only endorse or promote products I have used & work for me. & these products are worth investing in & what I also love is that it’s a natural product. I found that these pads worked well as they were placed directly on the area that needs firming. I am so relieved I discovered them & happy to share my experience with you. Sydney based makeup artist turned Beauty Blogger with over 160k views. Helenmua


This is just a snapshot; check out the following link for an indication of the loads of other publications we’ve been lucky enough to be featured in over the years

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