Old Lady Wrinkly Arms!

Hi everyone, well it’s been all go around the office with lots of new stockists joining us (follow the link to find someone near you ) as a result of the Sydney Beauty Expo and loads of enquiries in general due to the warmer temps – oh thank god for the warmer temps:)!.

We thought it was high time we dropped you all a line about a wee experiment we’ve been conducting – old lady wrinkly arms!

Having spent 5 years on the BEAUTIFUL Sunshine Coast prior to relocating back to West Australia, it was inevitable a lot more time was going to be spent in the sunshine.  After a very wet couple of years, the following 3 were basically pretty sublime and my word we delighted in it!

Result however; the skin on my arms and legs has the first signs of leathery wrinkliness and am just quietly a little devastated as at the grand old age of 46, it seems unfair. Too soon she cried!!

So with a Silcskin pad at the ready, i’ve proceeded to test them out on both arms and legs – and what do you know, they work just as effectively as they do everywhere else! I have been quite slack in terms of consistency however when i have applied them, the difference has been satisfyingly noticeable. I’ve used the chest pads for the job as they have the most silicone in them and think the neck pads would be great too.

Use them anywhere Peeps – skies the limit:).

All the Best from Sally @ Skinvigor8


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