Our Silcskin Pads were invented to Complement your Skincare Routine…

Do you get confused about wearing your Silcskin Pads in conjunction with following your normal skincare routine?

Don’t panic! While it may seem awkward at first given that you need to apply your Silcskin Pads to clean skin, once you are in a routine, it will become second nature in no time ?

So the golden rule is to ensure you have product free skin when you’re applying your Silcskin Pads. This will ensure they (a) can adhere as effectively as possible to your skin and (b) it will give them the longevity they are designed to have as the silicone is not being compromised.

So when do you apply your serums / moisturisers we hear you ask? Any time or any place you do not have your pads on your skin of course ?

You can use your skincare in and around using our pads to your hearts content .

Now bear in mind that if you prefer to stay with your regular skincare routine at night – simply use our Silcskin Pads whenever you can during the day! So if you’re having a netflix marathon, doing a bit of housework, catching up on paperwork, whatever your downtime looks like, these are the perfect moments to apply those pads.

Yes the longer you wear the pads the better and yes 8 hours overnight is ideal however any time you wear them you are doing yourself a favour.

Additionally, if you choose to pop them on a few hours before a function – your skin is going to be glowing in preparation for that event – winning!

Now the other option is to apply your skincare …. at the same time as your pads – in and around the area. So for example, if you are using a Silcskin Neck Pad, you can still follow your normal routine everywhere else right? And if you have say the Silcskin Eye Pads in place, you can use your moisturisers / serums everywhere else on your face yes?

Simply make sure there’s some space between your pads and your serums etc so that they won’t seep underneath the pad.

Hope this is helpful my lovelies. Any questions, just drop us a line ❤

Chat soon,

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