Reviews – A Heads Up…

Hi lovelies, we wanted to give you a brief heads-up about reviews which play a big part in any business, however there are unscrupulous companies everywhere who make up their own and use this nonsense to market their sub-par products without a thought for the unsuspecting consumer – we’ve all been there.

As many of you know, we’ve been distributing Silcskin wrinkle smoothing patches in Australia for 15+ years now, who have consistently been lauded globally for their outstanding quality, longevity and efficacy.

However. Given this is my business – it gets personal.

In my case, it is two businesses in particular now who have :

* copied our products

* spent an absolute fortune on marketing to fool people into thinking they had any cred – and it’s worked

* had accommodating friends and family who have given them glowing (made up) reviews

* undercut our products – because theirs are cheap and nasty and do not last

One company has been running for some time now and for a long while they were deleting every bad review they could find – until facebook stopped allowing you to do that on your business page – go facebook!

So their bad reviews finally caught up with them – but it took a very long time. Then they decided to illegally use OUR Good name in their own advertising to try and cap in on our very good reputation? This has been raised with the ACCC and is under investigation. They confirm this practice is ILLEGAL.

Now we see another very similar company doing the rounds. Same setup – marketing a-million. Cheap as all get out. Glowing – absolutely glowing, reviews all over their website. No review tab on their facebook page (alarm bells) but advertising profusely with sponsored facebook ads.

So. What i wanted to bring home to you all is that it really pays to do your homework when you’re purchasing.

Check the indepdent reviews alongside the website reviews – Product Index is a good one and facebook and google reviews are all excellent. There will be some bogus reviews sprinkled therein but you can usually tell these pretty easily.

It gets personal – because i’ve been through the highs and lows with many of you over the years – relationship breakups, illnesses and all manner of things – life in a nutshell.

And because i know personally how our Silcskin Pads can actually make us feel better. Because they work. Because they’re real. Because we don’t play on people’s emotions just to get a quick buck. And that’s why these dreadful people who stoop so low, really upset us.

So please check and double check. The old adage tends to stand the test of time – if it seems too good to be true …it usually is.

Take Care

Sally ❤️

ps – this amazing woman in the pic, Camille Calvet, is the inventor of our Silcskin Pads. They were invented in the early 2000’s and are now sold globally. Every Other silicone anti-wrinkle pad – Is a Copy!

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