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For anyone who is skeptical , I am just a country woman 47 who lives in QLD on property and have done a lot of driving over the years. I do cover up except for my lower arms and my chest area is exposed. I too was thinking , oh my gosh, my chest looks …Read More

Desley Jackwitz

I brought the neck and decollette pad. Wow I must say very impressed. Awesome results. …Read More

Vanessa Maria Lines

Vanessa Maria Lines I absolutely LOVE this product!!! Have been using mine for 3 days and my decolletage is almost wrinkle free! It is incredible … Unlike · Reply · Message · 1 · 7 hrs …Read More

Shans Pont

Shans Pont I was sceptical but bought the pad anyway. Used it for the first time last night. I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror this morning! Instant results! Great product! ? …Read More


Hello, Just sending you a huge thank you to you for your product. The difference in my skin is incredible!! After years of always worrying about my lines, they almost completely disappeared after one night!!! So thank you, Kate …Read More

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes These products are great!! …Read More

Natalie Alderding

Hi, I’ve used yr products, they are quite amazing, they do work & I will never be without them. …Read More

Yvette Harley

So i was ever so sceptical but so unhappy with the horrible creases on my chest, that i thought I’d try them. Used it for the first time last night and i am gob smacked. They were literally invisible this morning. Pretty darned amazing. Can’t wait to try the brow and eye ones now. …Read More

Tracey Hart Gilbert

I have been using this product for three months. The results are amazing. I just can’t believe how wonderful my skin is looking. Thank you Sally for this awesome product …Read More

Margie Lane

Margie Lane I luv this product & miraculously they really do work!! I hav had instant results from the first night & wil continue to use/purchase. Now I’m gonna get the frown line one. A beauty of a product!! Bloody fantastic!! Unlike · Reply · Message · 1 · December 17 at 6:50am …Read More

Kitti O

Amazing. I picked some up yesterday (after you advised my local stockist). I’ve used them once…98% reduction in DEEP lines on my chest. So happy right now. Thankyou! Kitty O’c It was all true! I’ve been raving about them all day… I had started to become self conscious about my lines for a while but …Read More

Toni Mobley

​Hi guys just wanting to let you no I absolutely love love love your products they are fantastic never used something that works as it should it’s fantastic. Also your customer service is the best fantastic service. Everyone needs skinvigor8. Cheers Toni …Read More

Pearl Wootton

Awesome product. Delivers results immediately!! …Read More

Lynne Lembo

Tried through my skin specialist !! Amazing!! Worth the trial !! Go for it!! …Read More

Karen Sherriffs

They are amazing.  I hadn’t bought one for a while however wrinkles were getting obvious, especially as during summer I am wearing different tops etc.  So bought one and after 1 night no wrinkles.  Should have really purchased earlier.  Ladies you need to try these at least once and I am sure you won’t be …Read More

Karen Filliponi

Finally something that works, love these they defiantly make a difference! …Read More

Sherrill Clarke

I had been using skinvigor8 chest pads for over 12 months with great success, as they really smoothed the wrinkles on my chest area. I was a total convert to chest pads, so recently trialled a different brand as they were slightly cheaper and the company were doing a promotion, but I found these pads …Read More

Dee Za

Your product is so good it has saved my self confidence since I discovered it, I’m positive it will help many other women. I have tried fillers although my body seems to just suck up those products like water in a desert and I just cant afford the upkeep but with your pads, I find …Read More

Guni Hinchey

I have been using this product for about two years now, only wishing I would have found this 15 years earlier. I stopped wearing necklaces not to attract attention to my chest. The chest pad worked straight away, placing a soft physical barrier so the skin cannot wrinkle when sleeping on the side. I am …Read More

Vicki Forbes

yes i’m a side sleeper and had terrible wrinkles . ive been using these pads for 4 years and no more wrinkles …Read More


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