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Jane Dawkins

It is amazing how effective the forehead pad works! I am so glad I found this product. …Read More

Tracy Fisher

Well that was a surprise, I’ve had deep chest wrinkles for a long time, I bought the chest pad used it for the first night and saw an instant result in the morning. magnificent product, still have a few soft lines but nothing like i use to have. now I feel more confident and not …Read More

Susan Keddie

What can I say except WHY DIDNT I know about this product years ago. Terrific product and marvellous results. I’m a customer for life. Thank You Sally …Read More

Sue Roach

I love this product, nothing to loose but your wrinkles. Little effort easy to use. Definitely worth buying. …Read More

Erica Van Der Wee-Sader

Still using this product and still amazing love it …Read More

Jesebel Villoz

I’ve been using this product for many years and it is excellent, never failed. Made the big mistake of purchasing another brand and not only had a big disappointment with the product, but the customer service was the worst I ever experienced. After an honest feedback and a week of negotiating a return and refund …Read More

Carla Agung

I’ve been using these for 9 years , they are one of the only products that i’ve used that 100% does what it says …Read More


I’m also a long time user, probably almost since they became available in Australia. I’m 56, and all the females in my family are around 12 to 14DD, I’ve had many years of sunbaking so have sundamage, but some of us have had next to nil sun exposure, but we all, even the ones in …Read More


Hello there I can’t believe I finally had the courage to speak to someone about your product, the chest pad. I see this girl a couple of times a week at the pool and have noticed how immaculate she is – beautiful figure, perfect skin (clearly fillers as she is in her 40’s), perfectly coloured …Read More

Tracey Chapman

Stop advertising the product please. When everyone realises how wonderful the product is then you will run out and i won’t be able to get anymore should I need them. …Read More

Marilyn Barber

These are AMAZING.  I promise they do actually work. Be patient and use it every night. You will be amazed. The face one work great also. Skinvigor8 reply… Thanks Marilyn – we love that you’re loving them 🙂 Marilyn’s response I swear by this product.  Every 6 months i buy a new one and fix …Read More


I am a long time fan – being using these pads for ages and ages. Just thought it is about time a wrote a review! These pads are brilliant! Such a simple solution to chest wrinkles when nothing else worked! The facial and neck ones are terrific too. …Read More


For anyone who is skeptical , I am just a country woman 47 who lives in QLD on property and have done a lot of driving over the years. I do cover up except for my lower arms and my chest area is exposed. I too was thinking , oh my gosh, my chest looks …Read More

Bronni Hooper

I’ve tried the chest and last week the neck one.  Even my sister noticed the difference with my neck, so for me, Im ecstatic with the results.  My next purchase will be for my face…Love them.  Better than going under the knife!! …Read More

Alison Vincent

I just logged on to order again, and I know I have already left a lot of feedback but can’t resist commenting again.. I love the chest pads! They really do work, the results are truly amazing, such a fantastic product that everybody should be talking about! Thank you so much! Can I also give …Read More

Nicola Ropeti

I have used this product for years on my chest.  Works a treat …Read More

Deb Darveniza

Don’t be fooled by the fake products , buy skinvigor8 , I am nearly 50 so therefore starting to see the signs of aging on my chest , I can’t believe the difference the pads make. Easy, painless, and well priced for the results ! Do yourself a favour, and treat yourself you won’t regret …Read More

Alison Vincent

I know i am preaching to the converted but i cannot get enough of these chest pads.  They should be a cult beauty product for everybody – Young, for prevention and older, for repair.  They are so amazing I am now telling everybody about them I don’t care about the fact that no one talks …Read More

Tracey Tunks

Thanks for 100% perfect service every time. …Read More

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes These products are great!! …Read More


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