Name withheld -

I’m also a long time user, probably almost since they became available in Australia. I’m 56, and all the females in my family are around 12 to 14DD, I’ve had many years of sunbaking so have sundamage, but some of us have had next to nil sun exposure, but we all, even the ones in their late 20’s, have deep “tram tracks” in our chest, and unfortunately are all side sleepers. This product is truly amazing, it actually WORKS. I was starting to become extremely self conscious & embarrassed about my chest, was even resorting to inventing some home methods that of course never worked, the chest pads have saved my life! Well not literally of course but I would NEVER be without them, on the rare nights I forget to apply it I wake up with a very ugly looking chest! On those occasions if I’ve had time before leaving the house I’ve worn a pad just for 1& 1/2 hours and even that makes an incredible difference. These are the BEST products on the market, don’t know what I’ll ever do if they’re one day not around anymore. No need to be at all sceptical if you’re considering trying them for the 1st time – They actually do WORK , you won’t be at all disappointed!! (I have so far only used the one for the chest area)