Silcskin Multi-Area Silicone Wrinkle Patches for Mouth wrinkles, Eye wrinkles, Top Lip wrinkles, crows feet, laughter lines, nasolabial folds


Our Multi-Area Silcskin wrinkle patches contains four silicone wrinkle patches that can be used in many different locations on the face, such as between the eyebrows, on the sides of the eyes, the top lip, chin or around the mouth.

They have a middle ‘tongue’ that sits into the side of the eye socket or over laughter lines for better purchase.  An ideal time-saver is to wear them while you sleep, by any Silcskin wrinkle patches can be worn during the day if preferred.  These pads last significantly longer than copy products, making them substantially more economical.

Say goodbye to unsightly wrinkles. Our 100% medical grade silicone wrinkle patches repair and prevent wrinkles while you sleep!


Skinvigor8’s Silcskin multi-area pack contain silicone wrinkle patches to repair and prevent eye and mouth wrinkles, commonly known as crow’s feet and laughter lines, as well as lines between the eyebrows.

The Silcskin silicone wrinkle patches work to smooth out fine facial lines by drawing the body’s natural moisture to the surface of the skin and plumping it out.  These silicone wrinkle patches will repair damaged skin and prevent further creasing.

Silcskin’s wrinkle patches are multi-purpose as follows:

  • They contour snugly to the sides of the eyes where wrinkles commonly occur.
  • They are designed to adhere perfectly to the smile lines around the mouth area.
  • They can be suitable for the top lip where smokers’ lines are an issue.
  • They are ideal to pop between the eyebrows to treat elevenses or frown lines

Silcskin’s Silicone Wrinkle Patches were included in the 2016 & 2017 Oscars Goodie Bags and have been endorsed by Hollywood’s Diana Riva who has starred in, amongst many other things, ‘What Women Want’, ‘Short Term 12′ and ’17 Again’.  Patricia Arquette is also a huge fan of Silcskin!


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I'm also a long time user, probably almost since they became available in Australia. I'm 56, and all the females in my family are around 12 to 14DD, I've had many years of sunbaking so have sundamage, but some of us have had next to nil sun exposure, but we all, even the ones in their late 20's, have deep "tram tracks" in our chest, and unfortunately are all side sleepers. This product is truly amazing, it actually WORKS. I was starting to become extremely self conscious & embarrassed about my chest, was even resorting to inventing some home methods that of course never worked, the chest pads have saved my life! Well not literally of course but I would NEVER be without them, on the rare nights I forget to apply it I wake up with a very ugly looking chest! On those occasions if I've had time before leaving the house I've worn a pad just for 1& 1/2 hours and even that makes an incredible difference. These are the BEST products on the market, don't know what I'll ever do if they're one day not around anymore. No need to be at all sceptical if you're considering trying them for the 1st time - They actually do WORK , you won't be at all disappointed!! (I have so far only used the one for the chest area) More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
Name withheld
Best thing ever!!! Cannot recommend highly enough. Actually works.
Rating : ★★★★★
I was very skeptical but have used it twice and it's really amazing.
Rating : ★★★★★
I like this pad and I actually like wearing it opposed to the other ?pillow? type solutions I have tried. It?s hardly noticeable comfortable and keeps me from sweating in that area too. All through e years I have noticed these wrinkles on other women and vowed to not let that happen to me! I hope to keep the wrinkles as superficial as possible. What good is it to keep the face free of wrinkles but then look down and see deep lines spreading up to your chest! Yuck! More/Less
Rating : ★★★★★
I am a new customer received my first order only one week ago and I just love it!!
Rating : ★★★★★
Jenny Queensland

What You Should Know About Our Incredibly Effective Silicone Wrinkle Patches

When it comes to silicone wrinkle patches – we know what we’re talking about! Proven to be effective in reducing visible lines around the eyes, forehead, neck and more, you can reduce the look of crépey skin and repair sun damage to your derma while you sleep. The Silcskin silicone wrinkle patches hydrate and plump out the surface of your skin, increase blood flow and smooth out the irregular collagen structure, consequently reducing the appearance of creases around your neck and eyes.

Benefits of Our Silicone Wrinkle Patches

While the main benefit of our product is that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, there are numerous other advantages to our competitively priced silicone pads.

  • We have a full selection of silicone wrinkle patches. We know that everyone will have a different problem area which is why we produce a range of different shapes and sizes. Whether you want to target your eyebrow, eye, neck, decolletage or another area, you can select the style of wrinkle patch that best suits your requirements. Our wrinkle patches are made entirely of medical-grade silicone and are free from allergy-causing compounds such as urethanes, adhesives, and latex.
  • Our silicone wrinkle patches are easy to clean: You can readily clean and take care of your patches with our accessible and economical multi-purpose cleaner. As silicone wrinkle patches draw moisture from your body, they also extract oils which end up on the surface of the product. By cleaning this debris off your pads, you can prevent them from breaking down quickly. Our Silcskin cleaner is also gentle on the skin, and you can use it to clean and prepare your face or neck for wrinkle patch placement.
  • Our Silcskin wrinkle patches are very long-lasting: Our silicone wrinkle products can last twice as long as copy products, (which every single other brand is), and with extra care, you may get them to last up to three months. As the outer edge of the pads is the first to lose their adhesiveness, you can trim the border and then use your smaller silicone shape for other areas of your body.

Tips Regarding Removal of Wrinkles

Consider our tips to get more value out of your decolletage, neck or face skin repair pads.

  • Silcskin Decollette silicone wrinkle patches: Place the pad in the desired position on your chest. Start at the bottom of the pad and run your finger upwards to get the product to stick to your skin. Next, press from the centre to outer edge of the pad to ensure that there are no air bubbles underneath and that you have sufficient contact of the pad with your skin. To remove the pad, lift from the bottom.
  • Silcskin Collette (neck) silicone wrinkle patches: We recommend that you place the middle of the pad over your windpipe and press one side down then the other. However, if the placement feels uncomfortable, you can adjust the pad and adhere it diagonally or in any position that you desire as these pads are infinitely variable. If the neck pad is too long, you can trim the excess and use the small samples on another part of your body.
  • Silcskin Multi-area silicone wrinkle patches: As these small pads have less surface area, they can come off during the night if you move around a lot in your sleep. If this occurs, select a more suitable time of day to wear the pads. These pads are ideal for reducing fine lines at the side of the mouth (laughter lines), crow’s feet, and around the chin area. They are also great to treat the top lip, as is common with smokers, and you can simply trim the product to your preferred shape.

When you aren’t using your silicone wrinkle patches, be sure to place it adhesive side down on the hard plastic backing sheet.

History of Silicone Wrinkle Patches

Our  Silcskin Decollette wrinkle patches were invented in the early 2000s.  They were the first ever silicone wrinkle patches to be invented – in the world.

  • Designed by Hollywood make-up artist, Camille Calvet: While Camille noticed that there were plenty of products on the market to treat lines on the face and neck, there was nothing to help combat chest wrinkles around the decolletage.
  • Inspired by the effects of silicone on scar tissue: Being a make-up artist, Camille noticed that silicone prosthetics used for special effects left her client’s skin softer and more supple. This combined with experiencing silicone being used on her own scar tissue whilst in hospital, resulted in the development of the first ever 100 per cent medical-grade silicone Décolleté pad for chest wrinkles.
  • Effective results: The Decollette wrinkle patches can prevent chest wrinkles forming and repair lines by drawing out the body’s natural moisture to hydrate the skin surface and improve blood flow. The resounding success of the Décolleté Pad led to the expansion of the product range to include the neck, forehead, multi-area & under eye pads and the silicone hand treatment.

What You Can Expect from Skinvigor8 Regarding a Wrinkle Remedy

You can readily shop for our silicone wrinkle patches in our user-friendly online store.

  • Quality products: We sell the original Silcskin wrinkle patches that are effective and long-lasting. Our quality products are made with medical-grade silicone and are free of urethanes, adhesives, peroxides, and latex to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our friendly team delivers excellent customer service from the point of the first contact to the completion of your order. We have a wealth of advice on our blog, and our team are always on hand to chat with our customers regarding any queries. We stand by our products and will happily replace any faulty items.
  • Nationwide delivery: We offer free delivery in Australia with orders over a certain amount. We use trusted postal services to ensure that your products arrive in an acceptable period.

Why Trust Skinvigor8 Regarding a Remedy for Wrinkles

We are the Australian distributor for Silcskin wrinkle patches and have more than one hundred stockists around the country. This excellent quality, long-lasting and comfortable product is effective in combating the appearance of wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, neck, décolletage and other areas of your body. You can readily order silicone pads from our online store at competitive prices or contact us with any queries.

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