Skinvigor8’s Before & After Pictures – Chest Wrinkles & Turkey Necks Begone!

Crinkly Chest Skin….Tired Turkey Necks….Crows Feet….Laughter Lines….if this describes you, then don’t panic as we have the answer!

We’ve recently transitioned to a new website and as a picture paints a thousand words, we thought it would be much more effective to go straight to the source; check out the quite amazing results after using Skinvigor8’s Decollette, Neck & Facial Pads here

The before and after pictures allow you to move the arrows across – to actually see the before and after results; it’s fun & real!  On the real note, we cannot emphasise enough; these are REAL pictures (untouched) of REAL people.  We also have loads more if you’d care to ask – just a little too many to put them all on the website:).  Also, following is one of our recent posts which has before & after pictures from Iris who was delighted with the results

Invented & designed over 10 years ago by Emmy award winning Hollywood makeup artist Camille Calvet, Skinvigor8’s Silcskin silicone Pads repair & prevent wrinkles; while you sleep!  Sold worldwide and distributed by Skinvigor8 in Australia for over 8 years & with over 90 stockists nationally, the Silcskin Pads are non-transdermal and last 30-60 days with some customers getting up to 90 days use out of them.  See here for more details on how they work and how to buy or alternatively, don’t hesitate to drop us a line on 0407 422 888 for a chat:).
We’d love to hear back from any and all of you with queries, comments etc so please don’t hesitate to respond to our post or send us an email at


PS – Our Silcskin Pads were recently included in the Oscars Goodies Bags too by the way.  If they’re good enough for Hollywood….:)!



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