Con Alert – Don’t Buy Inferior Products from a Company impersonating us!

For nearly two years now a company has been illegally using our name in their paid google advertising – to con you into thinking you are buying our quality products, when you are actually being directed to their website selling their copy products!  

The ABC reported on a similar thing happening very recently to a lady, ringing who she thought was her insurance company after her car had incurred damage.

She did an internet search for her insurance company to find the company’s number, only to discover later that she had clicked on a website that appeared high on search results and used her insurance company’s name and logo but was unconnected to the firm.  

Long story short, her car had been stolen by the company impersonating her insurer, and her actual insurer ended up paying to have the car returned and are now having to look at recovering these costs through legal action.  Diabolical right?!  

Her actual insurer together with the Insurance Council of Australia, are now working with Google to stop misleading advertising appearing up in search results.

“Because if we can actually get Google to stop running those ads, then people won’t encounter them,”

So please please check when ordering our Silcskin Pads that you’re actually clicking on our hyperlink to get to our website

…and if in doubt – just ask us ?  we’re always contactable.  
Just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within the day typically –  

That’s why the likes of Patricia Arquette and Allison Janney to name just a couple of Hollywood faves, use and rave about our Silcskin Pads – because we’re all about quality baby!

Have a fab week everyone
Sally ❤️

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